Now all the message conveyed by teachers in class of your child will reach directly on your smartphone. Your child's schoold diary can be digitized and even let you carry it on your palm as your mobile. Eddiary is a new utility mobile app in other words a digital School diary which digitalise the basic communication between teachers and parents.

"Ed-diary" is an application for the parents and the schools which is not just a substitute for the conventional diary system but adds value and convenience in a busy day to day life. An App that would help the parents to update with their kid’s activities at school, they could peacefully make sure that they 'do not miss a thing'.

With EdDiary, all school activities including their kid's home works, class tests, notices, announcements and even the child's time table will be right at their fingertip. All these will be posted by the respective faculties from the school. Hence this app not only makes sure the involvement of parents in their child’s day to day life but also improves the parent-teacher interaction by reducing the communication gap.

eddiary screenshot

EdDiary App mainly has two sides:

  • Teacher App: Teachers can enter daily assignments, like homework, test, task and announcements to respective classes through a web or mobile based interface. In fact, instead of adding to teachers’ workload, schools can employ a dedicated resource for entering the assignments of all teachers at the end of the school day.

  • Parent App: Parents can log into a school-specific account and access all scheduling and assignment related information for their children. Even if they have missed out any specific assignment, they will be getting SMS notifications.

EdDiary is product from Kochi based startup 'Vergekeys Solutions' incubated at Startup Village, Kerala. The startup build educational apps and the startup is also on verge of launching its next product - College social app.

The startup was founded just a year back by Ninan K Sunny, a non-techie guy who managed to built a tech-company with promising results. He's managing the startup along with Jaison and Sam Rajan as a team.

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