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If you’re the prankster of your group and spoofing your friends is your daily fun activity, then you’ve got a new buddy in town. Diffr is a new Android app also known as 'Switch Messenger', which give you an all new way to express yourself in a group of friends. The app allows you to post messages spoofing a friend, the message can be posted anonymously or even as yourself.

The app is 5.3 M in size and requires Android 2.3.3 and up for download. The app is currently only available for Android devices and can be downloaded absolutely free of cost from the Google Play Store.

The app is absolutely free to use as it makes use of your data plan, so don’t worry about receiving those ugly and long SMS charges.

Diffr is a zany new Switch Messenger chat app that lets people to switch their identities and be whoever they want to be. The user can switch to spoof a friend, spoof a crush or even go to the extent of spoofing their parents.

The app even allows its users to imitate and message as their friends. When you post messages imitating or posting as a friend, the messages will not appear on the chat screen as they were created by you. They will appear as they were created by the person you spoofed. In order to let the people know that it’s a spoofed message, the app drops enough visual clues like a different colour bubble or the name of the spoofed person followed by a question mark. The users can have all the fun they want to as though the user would know it’s a spoofed message but they will never be able to make out who posted it.

The app makes sure that your messages remain private. What happens in a particular group chat will stay in the group. The app also makes sure that people who are the part of the group can only see your messages. To make sharing easy, anyone in the group can invite his or her friend on the app. When a particular person is invited on the app, he or she is immediately added to the group. However, they won’t be able to see any past conversations of the group.

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