Started by IIT Kharagpur alumni, Data Resolve Technologies is an emerging player in the area of Cyber Security and Cyber Intelligence that helps businesses secure their data from theft & loss. Their award winning product 'inDefend Business' performs security analytics for the same. Data Resolve Technologies provides integrated end-point security from a single security integrated platform hosted on AWS. They are the only Indian company in this space offers this from cloud. "We are focused on addressing data theft, data loss with security analytics from on-premise and cloud," says a founding member, Dhruv Khanna. "Our product 'inDefend' can be used by Enterprises, SMB and End-Consumers," he adds. Dhruv Khanna, Devesh Mittal, Dipanjan Biswas and Nagarjun Kota are leading the team at Data Resolve Technologies.

A technology like that of Data Resolve is highly useful for all institutes to assess the risk of their business through Cyber Intelligence and achieve global standard of data security. "The core idea behind our technology is to find out actionable 'business intelligence' report by monitoring the exit routes of information from a computer like USB ports, CD-DVD drive, email and chat clients etc," says Devesh. "We can secure the loss and theft of critical business data through customized access policies," adds Dipanjan. The company is currently headquartered in New Delhi and has direct sales presence in Mumbai and Kolkata.


Here is a list of innovative services they provide:

1) Cyber Intelligence Reporting Service – Analytics
Based on the data gathered by inDefend, they are offering a reporting system called CI (Cyber Intelligence) Reporting for the management where you can get incident reports of Data Loss, Sensitive Online Search Activities and Internet Bandwidth Loss etc.

2) Cyber Seal-Assurance
Customers are provided the option of availing the Cyber Seal service for showcasing themselves as a data secure organization.

3) Real-Time SMS Alerts
Customers will be able to use the cyber seal on their company website. The customer will be able to receive SMS Notification for the most sensitive activities happening in the network.

4) Daily Email Reports
With the option of daily email reports, customer will be able to receive every day, an email containing summary of various sensitive activities detected within their organization network throughout the day.

5) URL Filtering
Monitor and restrict access to sensitive websites using real time URL classification.

6) Enforced Encryption
Enforce end users to copy data to removable storage devices in a hidden, password protected and encrypted vault.

7) Screen shot Monitoring
Periodic screenshots of end-user’s desktop activities

8) Shadow Logging
If the feature is on admin gets the exact copy of the outgoing mail.

9) Stealth Monitoring
Monitoring of any activity will be done in a covert way.

10) Messenger Monitoring
Content wise chat monitoring of the outgoing messages and attachments

"inDefend assist to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership. All monitoring and control done directly at the endpoint level, this reduces cost to implement and sustain. The Cloud based deployment allows monitoring and control, anytime and anywhere," says Nagarjun. This provides wider scope of monitoring and analytics capabilities to offer greater benefits than traditional DLP. Along with this, they also provide offline control and monitoring available for computers disconnected from organization network. It can handle bypass scenarios of data card, onion routing, tunneling, etc. very easily, which cannot be addressed by traditional DLP. It also monitors data leak from messengers, skype sessions, G-Talk etc.

founders_data_resolveThe company was incubated in IIT Kharagpur in 2008. They have 70+ enterprise customers, 50000+ retail product downloads, Customers in 15+ industry segments and with presence in 13 Countries. Their inDefend business has suite of products all integrated into a single client, delivered from a single security dashboard. . inDefend offers end-point security for all mobile and end-point computing devices.

They are partnering with Amazon Web Services for hosting, working with leading IT MNCs as partners. They are a team of 25 Defenders heading the Data Resolve Team from Delhi & Mumbai and plan to augment their sales and marketing presence across US, MEA markets in next 6-12 months. They also look forward to build security adaptors for Apple and Windows Mobile. The company got funded by SRIC, IIT- Kharagpur. (SRIC or Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy, a special R & D Cell, was set up in 1982 as an interface between funding agencies and the Institute to handle sponsored research projects and industrial consultancy assignments). The team is mentored by Mr.Steffen Naumann, Mr. Kaustav Ghosh (Ex Senior Vice President of Business Development & Alliances, India of Connectiva Systems), Dr.Rajesh Sanghi, Mr.Jens Geitmann (Managing Director at TriStone Partners)

As a message for future entrepreneurs, Dhruv says "It's a different world with full of excitement, learning, personal sacrifice. And hire people who are ready to walk with you extra mile, give them tasks and monitor them."

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