Finding an auto has always been a tough task. Whether you're getting late for the college or office, you always have to take an extra bracket for finding an auto. But, not anymore, because a bunch of engineers from the College of Engineering, Trivandrum have understood this problem and have come up with a unique app which will make commuting by autos worry and hassle free.

The app is aptly called It helps you by connecting to your nearest auto-rickshaw drivers. The service is also available on the Web and through SMS. The Dindauto Android app can be downloaded free of cost from the Google Play Store.  The current version 1.3 requires Android 2.1 and up to function properly. FindAuto currently operating in Trivandrum, Kerala only and the startup will soon be expanding its reach in other Indian cities.

The team includes Venkiteswaran R, Vinayak  Radhakrishnan, Rahul R, Kiran Rajmohan, Rejin Jose, Jiffin Tony Thottan, Naamin Phaisal, Nithin David Thomas and Mathew Dominic. All of them are proud students of College of Engineering, Trivandrum.

The Kerala based start-up initially started off as a simple project but is now financially and technically backed by IEEE Communication Society Kerala Section and Startup Village.

The service is very easy to use. Whenever you feel stranded at the middle of the road and want an auto urgently to get out of the area, just send a SMS as FAUTO source TO destination to 9266680802.The auto drivers in areas nearby your location will be immediately alerted and if any auto driver is available and ready to offer his services, an automated system will call you and connect your call to the concerned auto-rickshaw driver. only deals with connecting people to auto-rickshaw drivers and has no say in the matters of fare dealing or collection process.

The service is currently available free of cost but your network provider will charge you at regular rates if you're making use of the SMS request pickup service.

Though the service tries its level best to connect you to an auto but it doesn't guarantees it. If there are no auto-rickshaws available in your locality, then you’re notified about this through an SMS.

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