A startup in Bangalore’s Jayanagar is creating quite a buzz in the tech world nowadays. The startup is called Unvired and offers Internet of Things (IoT) to large enterprises. IoT is a technology where devices communicate with each other intelligently.

The Bangalore based enterprise mobility startup has been successful in bagging a lot of global customers, which include life science and Tech Company Sigma-Aldrich, New Zealand based electricity distribution company WEL networks and chemical company Kaneka, among many others.

“Services is something which is in our DNA”, said Srinivasan Subramanian, who is the chief technology officer at Unvired, in a statement to Economic Times. He also added “Product is more difficult route that is why it has taken us six years to reach there and weigh against the biggies”.

The enterprise mobility startup is currently working with Google X, which is a facility run by the Internet giant Google, on Internet of Things which will help enterprises in improving their efficiency and productivity by making use of wearable devices like the Google Glass. The startup has successfully built an inventory and warehouse management mobile application for Google Glass which directly integrates with the software.

Workers will be able to do hands free transactions which involve goods movement and other functions easily and directly with the help of enterprise software, that too without the need of any mobile or tablet.  Google Glass, Smartwatches and all other wearables are available in Vogue.

According to Gartner, a research firm, companies can save upto $ 1 billion in costs relating to field service with the usage of wearables. A lot of the Unvired’s customers select Unvired over its competitors because they feel it offers them the greatest value, ease of building custom apps and seamless integration with SAP.

Unvired was founded in 2007 by former employees of German Software maker SAP. Four years later, the startup launched its enterprise platform in India.  Recently, the Bangalore startup was also selected as the finalist in technology innovation leadership awards by Ventana Research.

The company is currently completely bootstrapped and in midst of talks with various venture capital firms for raising upto Rs. 60 crore to scale up its operation and function properly.


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