Algolint is a new online algorithm practice tool, the simplest code editor and personal notes application. It i actually an online algorithm practice tool which provide algorithm enthusiast, learners and students an open platform to write and practice algorithm problems online. User can write code in C/C++, Java, Ruby and Python. Students can use basic code template to solve their problem, which can save their time during practice. Also they can save their own template to use for their further practice.

User can add their Dropbox account here so that all their practice code will be automatically sync with their storage. Its an open source website with clean and simple user interface. User can select their preferences for editor to make it more convenient for their usage.

To practice algorithms you can use templates for base algorithms and save your code as template to use later. You can also add dropbox to your account and sync all your practice codes to your dropbox. Moreover, you can create your public profile and share your public codes to the world.

Parent online entity behind Algolint is Killermobi, which used to provide free mobile software and applications.

Rishabh Tripathi who is the developer of AlgoLint, is a software professional who started in his college days with 6 mobile application 4 year back, and got more then 1 crore download across all channel, coming this time with a simple open source tool ( for software professional and students who wanted to practice algorithms and coding online. He is currently working as a product manager in a startup.

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