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Google has not had a much successful run when it comes to its Nexus series and in order to change this, the tech giant has come out with an innovative idea. Google is all set to offer a customized service for the users of Google Nexus 5 Smartphones.

This customized service has been named “Google Workshop” and will allow the Nexus 5 users to go the creative way with their Smartphone's design. The users will be able to create custom cases and live wallpapers using the Workshop.


The tech giant has built out most of the user experience and interface, and has come up with two tools to create live wallpapers and custom cases for the Nexus 5 Smartphone-namely Moments and MapMe.

The "Moments" tool offers the users to add that personal touch to their phones by bringing their phone to life by adding the moments they love to their wallpaper and phone case.  The tool requires users to upload pictures, choose one picture which will be used for phone case and the rest are packed into a live wallpaper.

Moments even allows users to manipulate the picture that they have uploaded. Users can add filters to an image; add a message in white or black text which can then be positioned at the top, bottom and middle of the image. The users can also add more images for the live wallpaper if they wish to.


On the other hand, the "MapMe" tool bases the user’s custom case and wallpaper on a location of their choice. Apparently, it has been rumored that the Google Workshop will offer its consumers some canned suggestions like the place they met that someone special or the user’s hometown. The live wallpaper that will come with MapMe might show location specific weather or tweets, with interactive touches included.

Since, the work on the above tools is still in progress, they may or may not have the features mentioned above when they debut.

Whether this move by Google is able to pep up its sales for the Nexus series or just fizzle out as a failure remains to be seen.

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