Nowadays, transportation is considered as one of the biggest problem faced by employees and employers as well. A Bangalore based startup has come up with a efficient solution for this and organizations using its product can make this problem a history.

MoveInSync is an efficient transportation solutions which provides an end to end solution to employee transportation. Its features include routing, tracking, reporting, Women security features, Employee Cab usage records and automated billing. The transport manager has full control over the operations in real time.  The employee transportation solution includes two parts: a reliable server hosted in the cloud and a touch screen device installed in the cab.

The Employee Transportation Solution’s feature Route optimization ensures no women first pick up or last drop for odd hour shifts. Their routing algorithms work on the Route Satisfaction Index System.  Its cab allocation suggests the best possible cabs for the routes. The best suitable cab is determined by the cab nearest to first pick up and the cab’s utilization in the billing period. The cab which is underutilized will be preferred over the over utilized cab.

To make it more organized and easy for the driver, they have the entire trip sheet in electronic form displayed in the in-cab mounted touch screen device.  Further, the employees aren’t required to sign any sheet or paper. They just need to do a simple password verification on the touchscreen device in the cab when the board it. The touchcreen’s odometer has an accuracy of 99.5 % and records all the travelled kilometers including the entire route.

MoveInSync also provides Live Vehicle Tracking which doesn’t entirely work on GPRS. For further accuracy, the system makes use of SMS as a backup channel for priority messaging. It also sends out proximity SMS when the cab is around 2 kilometer away from the employee’s house.

MoveInSync was co-founded by IITians Deepesh Agarwal, Anuvrata Arora and Akash Maheshwari. The company was incubated in 2009 at ISB Hyderabad. Deepesh's last job was with Motorola, India as Engineering Manager. He was instrumental in the design of MOTODRIVE, a futuristic vehicle to infrastructure (road network) integration for US Department of Transportation. Akash has worked with Microsoft in past whereas Anuvrata was Engineering Manager in Amazon India.

The company recently raised $ 4 million in funding from Qualcomm Ventures, Inventus Capital Partners and Saama Capital.

The Bangalore based company currently has around 500 clients, catering to more than 35,000 employees with 3,500 cabs across 9 cities in the country.

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