how to move files to google drive

Google, the tech giant has a new offering for businesses. It has come up with Google Drive for Work that will have advanced audit reporting, unlimited storage, and new security controls and features.

One of the most common and major problem faced by people migrating their companies to the Google drive is how to migrate all the existing files without losing out on anything important. The solution to this problem is very easy, as all you’ve to do is either upload all the existing files directly to the Drive or make use of the Drive Sync Client. But, what if the files that you want to consolidate are stored somewhere else? Or what to do when you want to migrate multiple users all at once?  To bail the companies out of these problems, many independent software vendors have manufactured solutions that will help these businesses migrate their important files from different File Sync and Share solutions, local hard drives and other available data sources.  We at IndianWeb2 are listing some of these options which you can use.

1) Mover- It is capable of migrating data from twenty three cloud service providers, databases and web services into the Google Drive.

2) Cloudsfer- Cloudsfer by Tzunami can transfer files from Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive and Box to the Google Drive.

3) SkySync-Provided by Portal Architects, it works by integrating existing on-site storage systems as well as other cloud storage providers to the Drive.

4) Cloud Migrator- This solution by Cloud Technology Solutions is capable of migrating user files and accounts to Google Drive and other Google app services.

5) Neva Certus- This solution is presented by LinkGard. It works by providing a migration and synchronization solution for cloud based and on-premise storage platforms.  These storage platforms include Amazon S3, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and other local file systems.

6)  Migrator for Google Apps- The solution is provided by Backupify. It migrates and consolidates personal Google Drive or other Google Applications for Business accounts into one single domain.

The above names are just a few names from a long list of companies that offer these migration solutions to businesses.  You can visit the Google Apps Marketplace for the complete list of offerings and tools that are responsible of adding value to the tech giant’s App platform.


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