Baggout is one of the largest social commerce/cashback websites in India. It is a one stop solution which solves the users’ problem of going to Search Engines, Product Aggregation Platforms, Coupon sites and Cashback Sites while shopping online. The company is based out of Delhi and was incorporated in October 2012. Deepak Jain and Prashant Mahajan are the co-founders of the company. Deepak looks at the business side while Prashant takes care of technical aspects of the company. The website lets you check out the latest products with best coupons and cashback deals available in the market.

"We feel that buying online is becoming increasingly difficult in India with the strong growth in the number of online portals. Thus, Baggout is an attempt to make online shopping a smooth experience," says Deepak.

Currently, the online shopping experience is inefficient as the user needs to first Google for the relevant websites; then browse through a number of portals and visit a cashback/coupon website before completing the purchase. "This takes fun out of the experience which perhaps is the most important aspect of shopping," adds Deepak. Baggout showcases products from all the portals at one place and the SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units) which are popular with user’s friends or Baggout users in general are showed at top. "Additionally, we also provide cashback on each purchase completed via Baggout which means that the whole shopping experience is contained on a single platform," says Prashant.

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Their website was launched in May 2013 and have tie ups with over 300 e-commerce portals. They also partner with companies to distribute our deals to drive traffic to our website. Baggout is growing strongly with over 3 lakh monthly unique visitors in June which is growing at 40-50% MOM. This team of 10 people plans to increase the partner count to over 2000 by the end of this year. “We are also planning to expand our team to support this strong growth. In fact, we are planning to move to a new office next month to make space for the new hires,” adds Prashant.

Currently, they are self-funded (through savings and monthly income from the portal). "We plan to raise funding by the end of this year to take the company to next level which would require larger capital commitments. However, we are in no hurry to raise money,” says Deepak. They want to build a strong global business which is valued by the users. As a message for future entrepreneurs, he says, “If you believe that the product has a potential to solve a major problem and have the financial cushion then you should take the plunge. There is no way to predict success/failure."

Look no further ladies & gentleman, start saving money while shopping here.

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