Blaise Crowly and George Soni started Xincoz labs, a technology R&D company based that aims at identifying areas in society where application of technology can solve challenges faced by the Individuals, Public, Companies and Nature. The company now being headed by Blaise Crowly and Gautham Vyas is working on a project named HexGlass. These college students will allow movies to be released online while protecting it from piracy by the end user. "Our technology will allow users to download and enjoy their movies on their favorite device but prevents the copying and distribution of the same making use of multiple means", says Gautham.

The company started in June 2012 and initiated the development of products a year later. "The idea for our product came when we were talking on phone one night and found that there was no legal and efficient way a person could enjoy movies that were currently in the theaters. This condition is worst in case of NRIs who find it very difficult to access their native content in the country they are forcing them to resort to pirated content", said Blaise. ‘But releasing movies online would mean that the content would be open and can very easily get pirated’, added Gautham. Their technology allows users to download and enjoy their movies on their favorite device but prevents the copying and distribution of the same making use of multiple means.

Founders of Xiconz labs and project HexGlass

We asked them how such a thing would be possible, and they said "The file by itself will be rendered useless on another system than on which it was downloaded on and also the video content will be digitally tagged using special markers to the identity of the downloader hence preventing activities like screen capture from being used. We have currently talked with producer association of the regional movies and they have extended their support for the same." The 4 team member from Kochi is now in the process of finishing their product.

They are a part of the 2013 edition of MIT AITI accelerator program conducted jointly by MIT USA and Google. These undergraduate students have done their part of giving back to the open source community by releasing an open source Server Cluster management tool Kronos.

Their technologies are all self-developed making use of only proven Open source frameworks and technologies. "One of the major factors is the use of LibVLC which is the library that powers the popular VLC video player", they say. They would be partnering with the major units of the film industry and most importantly the producers associations of regional films to help them make use of the new possibilities internet has opened up in terms of movie distribution and monetization. ‘We hope to in the coming year open the service in at least 4 major languages starting with Malayalam across 50+ countries’, said Gautham.

As an advice from future entrepreneurs, Blaise said, "Sometimes things look like they are all burning down and it is easy to lose our heart at those times. If you slow down or stop it will consume you but just keep moving faster and in time you will see that the fire that was meant to burn you has molded you." Gautham added to this with a good example. He said, "Entrepreneurship is like going fishing, there is no doubt fishing in shallow waters will get you lot of fish but deciding to go into the deep sea to hunt whales is going to raise doubts for sure, but that is no reason to not do it anyway."

Check out this space when their product launches and in the meanwhile, go here.

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