Started in a college hostel room by Shashank Vaishnav, Vinay Sinhal and Parveen Singhal in 2010, Vatsana Technologies is a promising Indore based startup creating innovative products to make life easier for all of us. Before starting with their products, the company provided services for almost 18 months and gained the required funds to start making products. They are a strong, 12 member team working dedicatedly towards their products.

Currently they have 2 products in the market:

  • FollowMe247: It is a cloud enabled - hierarchy based - internet less - instant information sharing application.

  • Evrystry: A story sharing platform which allows users to crowd source their stories and experiences. With thousands of amazing stories, evrystry aims to make people smile every day.

FollowMe247 is a very interesting student-teacher interaction platform which works without internet or smartphones. “There is so much innovation and technology being brought into the education market but all of it is happening around the syllabus and the content delivery,” says Shashank. “But what everyone else was missing is that content delivery can happen only when there is a bond between the teachers and students and a bond is built only when they can interact, freely, no matter when and where, without any restriction and hesitation, with atmost privacy and zero cost!” added Vinay.


A teacher will never have to login to talk to his students, whenever, wherever, with an assurance that all of them will get the message because a student doesn’t need to install any app or even to have access to Internet. All they need is a phone, a basic phone with simple message facility. It is going to affect their daily lives by completely revolutionizing the way they connect, talk and interact with each other. Currently it is being used by 10 small and big colleges in India. SRM University, Chennai and IIT, Indore are two of the big names among them.

The product has sent more than 4million communication by more than 1000 registered teacher to over 20,000 students in last 12 months. It is coming out of beta this summer and will be available for all the education institutes across the country. They charge the organization based on the number of students, annually (INR 199 per student per year). “We plan to grow FollowMe247 to at least 500 colleges in the country before 2014 ends. Also, FollowMe247 is our first product for the education market. We have many more coming in near future,” they added.

On the other hand, Evrystry is a global story sharing platform which aims to share all the amazing and unique stories in the world. These stories can be about people, places, nature, animals and everything else where there is story unheard, untold to the world. “Evrystry acts like a one stop shop for all the photographers to tell us the story behind that amazing picture we all loved, it helps travelers to tell us the stories of amazing people whom they meet in a foreign country who help them when they needed the most, their experiences of different cultures and everything else that they felt during their journeys, it allows a blogger to blog in a better way, to engage its users in a whole new and different style,” said Parveen, the youngest of the three.

"Usually, people build a website/concept and then try to build the user/customer base. We did the opposite. We build our community first in form of a facebook page called 'Amazing Things In The World'," they said. Currently, the website strives on the income from ads. They plan to make it ad free soon. With 150,000 unique visitors and 400,000 page views on our website on daily basis, this Chennai based startup has made 1.7 Cr. turnover in its 4 years of operations.

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