Predict the confirmation of your train ticket with ConfirmTkt

ConfirmTkt is a tool which assists the users in predicting confirmation chances of their train tickets with an unbelievable accuracy. With a mission to make Travel Simpler, Sripad and Dinesh came up with the idea of ConfirmTkt while working together at IBM. Sripad and Dinesh already have an android app in the market by the name 'Meterup'. Meterup is Auto fare, Taxi fare, Cab fare app in India.

Before boarding your train, you can check the status on Android devices as well with their ConfirmTkt app.

founders confirmtktWe asked them how it all started, and Dinesh said "We personally experienced the difficulties of getting a train ticket to travel to our native places. Whenever we try to book a ticket it would show waiting list. Sripad used to book tickets by analyzing the past trends manually. So we both thought why can’t we build something which can analyze and tell you whether to book or not."

ConfirmTkt is backed by a unique and efficient algorithm which predicts the future status of PNR's in seconds based on historical trends. It also assists you in deciding whether to book or not if the train is in waitlist.
At ConfirmTkt you will be able to

  • Predict your ticket confirmation chances if you have a waitlist ticket.

  • PNR status check.

  • Subscribe for the PNR confirmation notifications.

  • Search trains between a desired source and destination pair.

  • Compare all the ticket confirmation chances for the trains on a single screen and decide on the travel options.

"All you need is a valid PNR. Enter the PNR and click 'Get status' button to get all your PNR information instantly. ConfirmTkt shows the ticket confirmation chances with in a fraction of seconds,” says Sripad. Once you have finished your PNR status check, if your ticket is in waitlist/ RAC and you want to be notified when your ticket gets confirmed. Then just enter a valid email ID to subscribe for PNR confirmation notification we handle the rest. Once your PNR gets confirmed we will send you an email notification with the detailed PNR information," added Dinesh.

The intelligence behind the ConfirmTkt PNR predictions is very close to how humans think. We humans predict and act on the future based on past experiences. ConfirmTkt prediction algorithm is highly efficient and trustable. It has been thoroughly tested on about 2500 trains and achieved an overall accuracy of 88%. It took them 2 years to develop an algorithm with such an accuracy. “Do not worry about the accuracy, we will take care of it,” they say. The ticket confirmation chances may vary from a holiday/weekend to a normal day. As a result this 2 person team maintains ticketing trends for holidays /weekends separately and predict accuracy based on that.

The algorithm interprets these numbers by comparing the current availability with the ticket confirmation thresholds. By seeing these numbers, users can easily mitigate the risk involved while deciding on the ticket booking.

This is how the algorithm interprets ConfirmTkt status:

  • If the confirmation chances are above 70% then we interpret it as 'Confirm'

  • If the confirmation chances are between 30% and 70% then we interpret as 'Probable'

  • Anything below 30 % is interpreted as 'No Chance'

They are not using any third party software’s for big data analytics. They have built the software on their own ad plan to improve and put new functionalities to the product soon. We see it becoming the most innovative ticket search tool that can show all possible ways of getting a ticket for any mode of transport. As a message for future entrepreneurs, they said "Don't be afraid to take risk. If you want to solve some problem that nobody else dared to solve and are passionate about it then just do it."


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