Passbrains is the on-demand crowd testing division of Pass Technologies. With their headquarters in Zurich- Switzerland, the company is Europe's leading on-demand software testing services. They have been delivering testing services to global clients including fortune 500 firms across different industry sectors.

Mayank Mittal, director & country Head of Pass Technologies- India says, "Passbrains hosts global tester community and comprises comprehensive toolkit to deliver full spectrum of on-demand professional testing services for web, mobile, cloud and enterprise applications across industry domains." They have a 25,000+ strong testing community spread across more than 100 countries and have recently opened up an office in Bangalore.

There are more and more apps to be developed for a growing number of devices, OS versions and languages. Software quality is crucial to any business success and it's important to make sure that users will love the end product. In the current scenario, software testing is time consuming and is still below expectation. Lack of test resources and the changing nature of software landscape has brought about a shift from traditional testing methods to a more dynamic way of testing called Crowdtesting. has the perfect solution for faster, efficient and credible testing and is a leading crowdsourcing platform for on demand managed application testing services. It consists of thousands of highly skilled software testers and thousands of consumers ready to test an app within the time you need it. Testers will test the app in a number of devices, languages and operating systems the app needs to function in. Testers report lots of bug report in the apps and suggest improvements for the usability. The reports are then reviewed by quality engineers at Pass Brains as soon as they come in.

We asked Mayank what prompted them to extend operations in India, he said "Software industry is evolving at a fast pace with increasing customer expectations and growing competition. Delivering premium quality software applications at market speed has become a priority. This has brought about a shift from traditional testing methods to a more dynamic way of testing called the managed crowd testing."

Passbrains platform can be used in self-service mode or to license a white labeled version allowing users to run test projects using their internal staff exclusively or in combination with Passbrains' tester community. They have set up two delivery centers in Mumbai and Bangalore within a year of starting operations. “India's growing prominence in the crowdsourcing testing community can also be seen from the fact that around 10-15 percent of our crowdsourced testing community hail from India,” he added.

The approach is based on an Integrated Delivery Model with a combination of internal teams and professional crowd testers. The in-house team comprises mainly of project managers, test managers, domain experts and technical consultants. This team handles consulting, project management and reviewing of all deliverables submitted by the Passbrains community. The tester community at Passbrains has a large mix of testers ranging from novice testers to seasoned professionals with more than 20 years of experience.

“For every project, the testers from our community are chosen on the basis of a comprehensive selection process covering various metrics, such as testers’ skills, testing and specific domain experience, demographics, performance and many other factors to ensure optimal test coverage, quality and overall performance,” said Mayank.

Their model is very attractive to small and medium scale enterprises that expect high quality professional testing services at competitive price points. They operate on a hybrid model which is a mix of on-shore, offshore and crowdsouced testing. To identify which project or applications are viable candidates for this constellation, they also offer free 'CrowdConsult' services to their customers.

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