Often finding a partner to play a badminton or tennis game becomes a task. It is even difficult to find a team for volleyball and cricket matches. But, thankfully someone understood this problem of the sports enthusiasts and came up with Playerify.

Playerify, which is a Bangalore based startup, claims on being the first sports platform that helps sports players in discovering players, events, places and leagues to play.

Playerify was co-founded by Prashant Pansare and Chetan Suttraway when Prashant wasn't able to find enough players for making a cricket team at a local sporting club. The search struggle continued for a long six months until he decided to find a solution to this problem himself and this is how they both came up with Just Play Sports Technologies which owns www.playerify .com.

The platform uses Facebook or an email id to connect players with other players in the same locality. So, teams who are short of players can find them and complete their teams and enjoy the sport.

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In order to start this venture and turn full time entrepreneurs, Prashant and Chetan had to quit their jobs and sell their homes so as to pay off all their mortgage debt.

According to Prashant, who is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore, their company has a vision of making even commoners discoverable as excellent sportspersons.

In 2012, Playerify was incubated by a Chandigarh based startup accelerator and its model was also opened and used to record player statistics.

Playerify will be of great help to sports coaches especially at amateur levels in solving their team selections problems. Most selectors often choose players after seeing their performance just for a day or a two but this selection process is just not fair to the player. A bad score on a particular day doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is a bad player.

Playerify is currently in talks with EduSports, which is a startup that works with 270 schools and designs their sports curriculum and conduct their tournaments. EduSports wants to incorporate Playerify’s platform and build online scoreboards.

According to Playerify, amateur leagues in Bangalore and Mumbai are already using the platform to find players and build online stats.

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