lingualy, a cross-platform solution that draws on a user's environment and interests to create a personalized language learning experience, announced today the launch of the app on iOS. The launch demonstrates the company’s commitment to digital language learning and education and enforces the importance of fostering communication and learning within today’s global community.  Since launching the Android app earlier this year, the company has further evolved with the release of a WebApp and through expanded academic partnerships.

The app is already available as Android app is now also available as a free download in the iTunes App Store.'s language learning technology provides learners with a free dictionary and learning platform to discover vocabulary in over 18 languages. The platform goes beyond traditional translation and flashcard services and assesses skill level behind the scenes, recommending fresh content in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Hebrew as well as practice exercises personalized for the individual.To enhance user engagement, the new iOS app includes a number of gamification features, where words collected are counted via a leader board and a practice session tracker that rewards power-users, effectively encouraging additional vocabulary searches.

" for iOS means learners all over India and Asia now have access to a free digital immersion language experience via their mobile devices," said CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Jan Ihmels.  "The market is growing at a tremendous rate and will be at the forefront, leading the way in language edtech with a sophisticated technology unlike any other available today. brings systematic learning to the worldwide web, providing an engaging tool for learners from beginner to advanced levels." has witnessed widespread adoption, with over 100k+ Android downloads in the first month of its Android release. It anticipates the same or greater on iOS. The company will expand support for additional languages by Fall 2014 and is poised to make a lasting entrance into the digital language learning and edtech channels.


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