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Nowadays people all around the world drink eat and sleep internet and it seems Indians are working hard to leave everyone behind in terms of social network usage.

A recent study has revealed that more and more Indians are signing up to Facebook and twitter everyday and accessing their accounts innumerable times in a day. This statement is backed by the fact that India saw a record 37 percent growth in social networking last year. The study has been conducted by eMarketer.

eMarketer is an independent US based market research firm which excels in providing insights and trends prevailing in digital marketing, commerce and media.

The study also revealed that worldwide the trends are a little different. Globally, the growth rate of social network is gradually decreasing but India seems to be an escalator to reach the top position. The number of social media users in urban idea has grown to an astonishing 80 million in 2014 from 63 million years ago.

According to the study, India is only second to US in terms of Facebook usage and is expected to even supersede the US in 2016 by having the largest Facebook population all across the globe. The study was released at an international conference organized by L.N Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research in association with Academy of India Marketing and IDG Media on “Social Media Marketing in Emerging Trends”.

A survey conducted by the Internet and Mobile Association of India has also revealed astonishing facts. According to it, around 78 million netizens all around India were actively using Facebook in early 2013; this figure is a 50 percent growth over the same period in 2012, followed by 33 million people accessing Twitter and 20 million LinkedIn.

According to the institute group director, Uday Salunkhe, social media is the next big frontier and whether people like it or not, they cannot ignore the powerful medium in the virtual world.  He also added that the boom has resulted in the establishment of social media as an imperative part of a holistic marketing strategy as it has proved to be extremely beneficial for businesses to create an online personality, reduce costs and improve customer services.

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