A new whistleblowing platform is in the market. The platform is called GlobaLeaks and boosts of being an open source project aimed at creating a worldwide, censorship-resistant, anonymous, distributed whistleblowing platform. In short - Gloabaleaks wants to be WikiLeaks of corporates and organizations.

GlobaLeaks believes that anonymous whistleblowing would be easy and secure. Its suite of software will encourage individuals to stand up anonymously no matter what definition of whistleblowing they believe in. The organization or person operating the software will be able to customize the platform according to their needs. The platform has been designed by keeping flexibility in mind; this ensures maximum level of security and privacy that too by default.

A Globaleaks Demo is available for users to check out how the service works.

GlobaLeaks wants to fulfill the needs of diverse interest use cases ranging from corporations to activists and from media to public agencies. GlobaLeaks allows the whistleblower to be anonymous by default, but if any case a whistleblower is more than willing to reveal his or her identity, the platform will allow it.

The GlobaLeaks website clearly mentions that they have nothing to do with WikiLeaks whatsoever. While on one hand GlobaLeaks aims at providing a software, WikiLeaks on the other provides a service. GlobaLeaks is an open sourced community while WikiLeaks is a closed group of people working behind a public face. One more thing that differentiates GlobaLeaks from WikiLeaks is that GlobaLeaks doesn’t handle leaked documents while WikiLeaks is famous for handling them.

According to GlobaLeaks, it is important to make this tool a free software because by doing so many types of people will be able access GlobaLeaks which would further enable the creation of a community which would be constantly contributing to improve the framework.

Though GlobaLeaks provides a very secure software, however it’s just software and cannot protect anonymity and security beyond its Threat Model.

GlobaLeaks doesn’t need a user’s data. Whenever a user sets up a GlobaLeaks node-which is another term used to denote a Whistleblowing site-the user doesn’t become a part of a network, but rather just a node on his own.

According to GlobaLeaks, they are working to increase transparency and accountability in the society as they think when information which affects the people remains hidden from them, economies and democracy stop functioning properly.

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