Facebook, the Social Networking giant has recently unveiled a new feature that will allow its users to store links from their News Feed and various Facebook pages for events, music, places, TV shows and movies to a list where they can find them and view later.

With this new 'Save' feature, the Facebook users will be able to indicate content that they wish to bookmark to be viewed later on. The feature has been made available for web, Android and iOS users.

Spool, which was a read it later startup, was acquired by the social networking giant some two years ago and now  with this new Save feature it seems Facebook has finally put this deal to use.  This new feature by Facebook would prove as a tough competition for the popular mobile app Pocket.

In a blog post written by Daniel Giambalvo, Software Engineer at Facebook, on Facebook's official blog, he mentions how everyday people find all sorts of interesting items on their Facebook News Feed that they don't have time to read or explore right away. But now using the save feature, they will be able to save items that they find interesting and check them out later when they have more time.

Using the save feature, the users can save items like music, places, events, TV shows and movies etc. The saved items can only be accessed and viewed by the user, unless he or she decides to share a specific link with his or her FB friends.

Mobile phone users can access and view the saved items on the 'more' tab or by clicking the link situated in the left hand side of Facebook on the web.

The items in the saved items list are organized by category and the users are just required to swipe right on each item in order to share the item with their FB friends or move it into the archive list.

Facebook will also send out reminders to you about your saved items every now and then. The feature will soon be available to every Facebook user throughout the world.

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