Nowadays numerous mobile applications are being launched with every passing hour. The apps backed by great marketing and company are able to find their foot in the market easily but the other smaller ones end up losing themselves in the sea. Quixey is here to solve this problem. It is a search engine which lets you find apps according to your needs.

Quixey is capable of running mobile searches and show results straight from the apps. It even shows the results from the apps that are not even installed in your Smartphone. The company believes that it’s this feature of deep searches will make it an instant hit with the Smartphone users.

Let us assume that you search for Chinese restaurants on Quixey, it will not only show up with a list of Chinese restaurants but also make full use of all restaurants search apps to show information like table or reservation availability and even the food and ambience ratings of the restaurants. Quixey makes it users available with real time information and not just links.

According to Liron Shapira, who is one of the co-founders of the California-based company, nowadays the way people interact with the third party apps is broken. At Quixey, the vision is to put a search bar on every device as according to them a search bar will allow the user to make better use of third party apps.  Quixey has an aim of lowering the borders and making apps comfortable to use for the general public.

Quixey functions the same way as Google but it only involves apps results. Like a search engines helps the user to find the most relevant content within websites, in a very similar way Quixey helps the user find most relevant content within apps.

Quixey is starting by constructing a fully automated system that can access the data inside an app when you run a search query. It is based on the same lines of how robots.txt shows webpages in today’s web search.  Developers need to adjust the code in their apps if they want to make their apps searchable on the search engine. Quixey can’t have an access to the data of the app unless the developer of the app grants it.







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