Intel is all set to launch tablets starting from Rs. 10,000 in India. These tablets will be based on Intel’s chipsets. The US based company is currently working hard with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to bring the products to the Indian market. India is considered as the fastest growing mobile device market in the world.

There is a lot of traction in the 7 to 9 inch screen size and 2-in-1 spaces in India according to the company. Anything which falls under the 7 inches screen space size is clubbed under the Smartphone category.

According to Anand Ramamoorthy, who is the Intel South Asia Director for consumption sales, there are more than 200 million middle-class potential customers for different screen sizes across different price points in India alone.

According to the US chipmaker, India has a tablet demand of about 18 % of the Japan and Asia Pacific demand for 2014. The company forecasted that Australia, Indonesia, India and Japan will together amount to about 59 % of the total demand of tablets in the world. The company also predicted that, the yearly demand of tablets is all set to go up by 32 percent in Japan and Asia Pacific in 2014.

The OEM tie-ups that the company has with Lenovo, Acer, HP, ASUS, ECS and Dell are all geared up to unveil a number of hybrid devices and tablets soon in the market. The company thinks that tablets and hybrid devices will play an important role in its growth in India.

The demand for hybrid devices or 2 in 1s is increasing in India like never before and various OEMs are already on the job of catering to this demand by creating a new range of such devices. They are working hard to give the customers a choice which combines the consumption capability of a tablet and creation capability of a laptop or notebook into one device. Intel is all ready to target the enterprise segment also with its new range of products.

These new devices by Intel made for the Indian market will be based on the company’s Bay Trail quad-core system on chipset. According to Intel, Bay Trail is the most powerful processor available in the market currently for hybrid devices and tablets.


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