Webkul is an Indian based startup which was launched in 2010. It was founded by Vinay Yadav and Vipin Sahu, two young focused enthusiasts who shared a great passion for development of apps. When they started in 2010, they just had an idea and very little budget but they didn’t let that come in their way. Today, despite the initial budget crunch, Webkul has been able to generate over US$1 million in revenue and successfully caters to about 25,000 customers all around the world.

Webkul allows the various ecommerce sites to quickly scale the ladder and include various new features. It offers development services and website design from internet application to simple web pages. They also provide software solutions. Based in Noida, Webkul software private limited is a NASSCOM and ISO certified development firm. They credit themselves for enriching e-commerce every day. They have a goal of delivering cutting edge quality at significantly lower cost.

In 2010, when the company was formally started, they just had a budget of US$ 650. Regulating their finances was one of the initial challenges which the firm faced. But with their spirits high, they started with limited resources and took no financial help from anybody whatsoever. Fresh out of college, the capability based startup founders decided that it was a terrific time to venture into entrepreneurship. According to them, they had everything to gain and nothing to lose. Webkul has been able to provide them a platform to enhance and polish their development skills. It also provides them with a fun and free environment while they are experimenting on the products.

At Webkul, the belief is that while running a business, profit is like oxygen. Like if there is no oxygen, a person would die. Similarly, a firm would also die soon and perish if it doesn’t earn profits. The company has never depended on investors. It has been able to swiftly generate profits from the sales of its products and the customization of its modules.

2013 proved to be a golden year for the company. The firm tripled its products and revenue. It made a big jump from US$220,000 in 2012 to a mammoth US$1 million in 2013. The company dedicates its success to its value for customer and continuous urge to learn.

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