QNET, which is a giant multi-level marketing company, suffered a major jolt when its various websites were blocked by the Indian Computer Emergency Response team (CERT-In) following a court order. This drastic step was taken because the company is accused of being allegedly involved in a huge multi-level marketing scam of Rs. 425 crores. The Economic Office Wing of the Mumbai police is currently investigating the case.

About four months ago, a request was made by the Economic Office wing to CERT-In to block the websites. But when the request went unheard they had no other option but to take the matter to the court. An order was passed to block these sites on the basis of an application filed by the Economic Office Wing in the 47th Esplanade Court and CERT-In was instructed to take immediate actions. These sites have been forbidden from doing any illegal online money circulation schemes on the basis of the order. The main website of the company has also been blocked following the order.

Gurpreet Singh Anand who is the complainant in the case was very happy and ecstatic on hearing the about the order. He however did add that this step should have taken long ago but better late than never.  Anand’s wife was duped of Rs. 30,000 by people who said that they were individual representatives from QNET and had assured her that one of the bio-products bought by her from them could be used for the treatment of her 12-year old son’s brain disease.

For several years, QNET has been trying to dupe people in India by operating under different names. It has been functioning through Vihaan Direct Market Selling which is a Bangalore based company and a franchise of QNET, a Hong Kong based Company for the last two years. The current scheme that they were indulging in required existing members to attract and bring more members. The company has been accused of making around Rs. 425 crore till date by indulging in such schemes and selling of cosmetics and various other products.

The Economic Office Wing till date has taken in arrest around nine team leaders working with QNET. They have been slapped with sections relevant to cheating and forgery of the 1978 Prize, Chits and Money Circulation Schemes Act.



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