Leaked Images of Amazon's first smartphone

One of the most anticipated smartphone which is set to launch this year is by Amazon which now is no more a mystery, website BGR has published leaked Images of Amazon first smartphone. As per BGR website multiple sources have confirmed the authenticity of the leaked image.

The image is designed by internal graphic designers of Amazon for prototype development. Amazon first smartphone which is yet to be launched, now after leaked image seems to be inspired by high-end smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S-series etc.

Amazon smartphone will have 4.7-inch 720p display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 2GB of RAM and in features it will have unique 3D interface without the need of glasses and gesture-based controls as well.

The device will have twin speaker grill located on the bottom edge, while a power button and volume rocker rest on the side as usual.

Another interesting feature of Amazon smartphone is that it is believed to have multiple front-facing cameras i.e. - four lenses on the front and one in each corner which exist so as to create a 3D representation of various content shown on-screen. BGR also reported that the smartphone will have six cameras in total.

The smartphone will run on heavily customized version of Google's Android operating system.

Amazon smartphone leaked image

Moreover, being Amazon own manufactured smartphone, it is believed to help its users as the phone’s 3D effects will change user experience when they visit Amazon’s various online stores via Amazon's smartphone, such as its book store, music store and the main Amazon digital market. By shifting the position of the phone, users are able to see three-dimensional product images at different angles to reveal surfaces that cannot be seen in 2D photos.

Amazon smartphone leaked image front

The smartphone will have Amazon’s own mobile app store for third-party software distribution. Also Amazon is set to release its own set of APIs available to third parties to have a number of key third-party apps available to its users.

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