Google launched Live Election Result map and special Doodle

For most awaited result day of 16th national election of India, Google celebrated day of 16th May with special Google Doodle and also launched a dedicated Live Election Results Map of India where you can see results status of constituencies /candidates or party status live district wise.

The map is works like a regular Google map with difference that every district in states of India is color coded that and each color resembles a party you can see the vote counting status of each state live. You can zoom in or zoom out to go from states to district level viewing of map.

You can even enter your area pin code to see status of voting result in your area.

Beside this Google also launched page for Live YouTube coverage where you see various YouTube partners or different news channels covering live election results.

Election results are by Nielsen India as provided by the Election Commission of India and candidate information provided by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR). Constituency shapes over google map are provided by Empowering India.

Google India Election Results Map 2014

Google has also celebrated the election result day by launching a different Google doodle for Google India home page where doodle shows the 'Google' text but the alphabet 'L' is shown as voters hand with index finger inked that symbolize right to vote.

A recent study has revealed that Google may have power over Indian election results. The study conducted by American Institute for Behavioural Research and Technology (AIBRT), over 2,000 undecided Indian voters showed that about 12% of them could be ‘pushed’ towards a candidate based on better visibility on Google search rankings. The study found that Google had the power to fix the elections to a certain extent.

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