findable is an online platform which works as an information service provider and makes its users available with all the information on various products or services which might be available in a store near them. Findable is a location based tool that gives it user’s real-time advice and suggestions on shopping in areas where the user is currently located.

Findable is funded by India Internet Group, an investment firm that invests in early stage internet and mobile technology startups. is a podium that allows shopping enthusiasts in India to easily research about the product and service online first and then figure out where to purchase it offline from usual brick and mortar shops nearby users’ location. It also aims at making the offline shopping experience better for its users by leveraging technology. Therefore, it also has a mobile application in addition to its website.

Founded by Anirudh Suri, is based in Delhi and run by Inter Mobile Ventures Private Limited. According to, everything is findable whether it is an electronics item or a niche brand of cosmetics. Their mission is to make the users shopping experience easier, less tiresome and more enjoyable.  The site currently uses a tag based search and HTML5.

The initiative has got rave responses from its users as it helps them find everything from a bat to a hat or even a collar for their cat in their nearest stores. Though, some users also say that the product still needs some tuning and can be worked upon to make it more user-friendly and accurate in its search.

Right now, their selection is limited but they aspire to increase it in the near future. It currently offers categories like food and groceries, brands, apparel, accessories, electronics and appliances and personal care. marks the end of those sweating, tiresome, long and terrible experience of shopping and a beginning of effortless, less time consuming shopping carnival.  It does so by giving a detailed description of the product or service and a list of the stores near you, where you can easily find it. It also provides a unique feature of reviewing the products and services on the site. So, whatever you are looking for, whether it is the perfect dress for your birthday party, or a Panasonic HDTV, is there to help you out.

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