Digvijay Amrita Rai

After lot of fuss and trending content about politician Digvijay Singh and TV Journo Amrita Rai, Delhi police has written to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to block or remove content that talk about alleged link-ups and relationship of general secretary of Indian National Congress and TV journalist Amrita Rai.

Delhi police crime branch registered an FIR in the alleged case of hacking of television journalist Amrita Rai's e-mail account, thereafter police has written to these social media channels.

Police have also written to Google requesting details of the IP addresses from which Rai's email account was accessed in the last few months reported ET website.

"My email/computer been hacked & contents tampered with. It is a serious crime in India & encroachment of my privacy. I strongly condemn it", tweeted Amrita Rai, a TV news reporter at Rajya Sabha News channel.

After the photos of Amrita Rai and Digvijay Singh went viral there are are lot of speculation on social media space in India, people started posting photos, jokes and one-lines on their link-ups.These pictures were allegedly taken from Rai’s email accounts, which were reportedly hacked. Rai had sent out legal notices to social networking websites as well as Google, and a media company to stop airing her questionable photographs or e-mails which were leaked on their respective networks and platforms.

Delhi crime branch has registered a case under sections 66A of the information technology Act and 509 (outraging a woman's modesty) of IPC based on Jorno Amrita Rai's complaint.

Digvijay had already accepted his relationship with Amrita Rai by tweeting on 1st May, "I have no hesitation in accepting my relationship with Amrita Rai. She and her husband have already filed a mutual consent divorce case.Once that is decided we would formalise it. But I do condemn encroachment in our private life." tweeted Digvijay Singh.

Even after writing to social media channels along with Google the content of Digvijay-Amrita Rai are still prevalent and Facebook,Twitter and YouTube till now have not replied yet to Delhi police letter for content removal or even banning the same.

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