According to a recently released list by Glassdoor of the top 25 Companies on the basis of how its employees evaluated their pay and benefits, Facebook surprised everyone by acquiring the third position behind Google and Costco. Google and Facebook, the two giant companies are always engaged in a close battle with each other not only for advertisements impressions and users but also in keeping their employees happy.

12 technology based companies made it to the list which is exceptional as it is more than any other industry. Adobe and Salesforce, which are the parent companies of Facebook’s two most favored Strategic marketing developers also made it on the list by acquiring 4th and 9th position respectively. Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies accounted for the second largest industry on the Glassdoor list with Pfizer, Genentech and Amgen representing the industry.

Facebook has been ranked the No.2 tech company and No.3 overall in the list released by Glassdoor. According to Allyson Willoughby, Senior Vice President of People, Glassdoor, what makes Facebook different from its contemporaries is that the people working in it are exceptionally satisfied and happy with the benefit packages and compensations they are receiving from the company. Further they are also receiving a lot of exciting perks like free messages, free food, on-site chiropractic care, vending machines, a mesmerizing Menlo Park campus along with a great salary and good healthcare facilities. All these things make an excellent environment for employees to work in.

The difference between Facebook and Google if we go by ratings is very minuscule. Google, which showers its employees with fabulous perks, has been given the first rank by Glassdoor with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5.  On the other hand Facebook has come in a close third with 4.3 out of 5 on the list.

Costco, which graced the number 2 position on the list, is the one and only retailer to fetch a position on the list. One company each from energy, insurance, travel industry and transportation also managed to book a place in the list.  No fast food company got featured on the Glassdoor list.


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