adalbdl is an online venture based on the lines of the old Barter System. Launched by BK Birla, AdalBdal is an online platform which lets its users exchanges their used products all around the world. Something which is useless and trash for one person can be valuable and useful for another. This platform works on this very principle.

The procedure is very simple. People who don’t want a certain product anymore can simply click its picture and upload it on the site and then search for the product that they need, meet up  with the seller and then simply exchange. It is really that simple.

“The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed”. This beautiful line by Mahatma Gandhi which pops up on the front page of the website as soon as you open it helps to reflect the company’s vision.


Currently, we are living in a fast paced society which wants more and more from life. We produce more, consume more and in this process we end up depleting the resources which have been made available to us by mother Earth. There are many such products in everyone’s house which are of no use to them anymore but we don’t care about them and find a corner for them in the house. AdalBdal has a mission of stopping this wastage. What maybe trash to you can be a valuable possession for someone else.


You can exchange anything on this platform. It could be clothes, electronics, stamps, books etc. AdalBdal holds great similarities to Second to None, which is a Facebook group where people see their second hand items. The only difference between the two is that while on one hand the group works on monetary exchange and AdalBdal works on goods exchange. has an enthusiatic team of five main members which consists of BK Birla, Tom, Jerry, Devi Anupoorna Singh and Sai Gayathri.

The online platform works all around the world and is location aware. As a safety measure, it also has a built in spam protection which makes sure that a person interested in a user’s product will not be able interact unless the user decides to connect with them. AdalBdal is also engaging in social work by sourcing old clothes from the user’s house to NGO’S.


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