Did you know that first mobile phone was invented by Motorola which was acquired by Google in August 2011. Motorola built World's first mobile phone DynaTAC 8000x in year 1983 for the whooping price of $3,995 and size of the phone was almost of a brick. In year 1992 it was Nokia who then built Nokia 101 cellphone which one can easily carry and much smaller in size.

Since 1983 to year 2013 the evolution of cellphones has been very dramatic, where 30 years back it just two players - Motorola and Nokia who were manufacturing cellphones now there are thousands of manufacturer with major players such as - Apple, Samsung, LG, BlackBerry, HTC  and other country based local manufacturers as well.

For years, Nokia and Motorola ruled the cell phone industry. But that all changed with the development of the mobile phone from just a cellphones to now smartphones & PDAs. With all of the mobile phone manufacturers still producing today, which are the most successful? Let's take a look at cell phone trends and sales throughout the years, from the very first Motorola in 1983 to the Apple iPhone 5S of 2013.

The infographic below is prepared by ComputerScienceDegreeHub.


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