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As per study conducted by eMarketer, 1.61 billion people will log in to social networking sites per month from any electronic device which has growth of 14.2% from 2012 and among this India has seen highest growth this year with increase user numbers by 37.4%, followed by Indonesia’s with 28.7% growth and Mexico with 21.1% growth in social networking users.

India, Indonesia and Mexico are also high-growth areas for Facebook, the world’s largest social network, which eMarketer estimates will reach a worldwide monthly user base of 1.026 billion this year.

Currently US is on top with most number of  Facebook users, at 146.8 million this year, and India comes in a distant second.

As per the study by eMarketer, India’s large population and high expected growth rate will help it to develop the largest Facebook population of any country in the world by 2016. (Since Facebook is banned in China, eMarketer assumes there are no users of the social network in the country.)

Currently, the highest penetration of social network users as a share (percentage) of total population occurs in the Netherlands with 63.5% of all residents are social network users followed by Norway with very fractional difference from Netherlands i.e. 63.3%. India stands at 22<sup>nd</sup> place with just 7.7% of population using social networking sites.

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By the end of 2017, 2.33 billion people will use social networks worldwide with India having the largest share, notably as per another report (I-Cube 2013 report) by June 2014, India will have 243 million Internet users which surpassing US internet users and it will make India as the second largest Internet base in the world after China.

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