The biggest super cyclonic storm in a decade - 'Phailin' is about to hit coastal Odisha and Andhra Pradesh state of India is approaching fast and is estimated to more severe than past Katrina cyclone in US. In order to manage the possible casualties and relief management Indian govt agencies has launched several websites such as - Cyclone Phailin Disaters Response and Support Portal Information and Latest Updates India and Online list of Shelters.

Google has also launched the dedicated web application for Tropical Cyclone Phailin, India called Google Phailin Crisis Response the website apart from providing search for missing person also allow people to list information about people and offers latest bulletin from the India Meteorological Department.

The Google website has map with shelters and hospitals tagged & mapped along with their location details available in regional languages of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh.

If you have used the previous Uttarakhand Flood people finder application its almost the same in usage, the application has two options for users one is "I'm looking for someone" to search and find missing person and another option is - "I have information about someone" to list information about someone who has missing status.

The Phailin word is taken from Thai word which means 'Sapphire' and it is named after Thailand word because it was first observed in bay of Thailand.

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