ZoomDeck Make Your Photos Speak by Adding Interactivity

Zoomdeck is a new online photo service from Bengaluru Startup that offer a beautifully designed, engaging new experience for photos by making your photos interactive by allowing users to add interactivity and annotations such as tags, music or videos to images. Zoomdeck is going public with its iOS app and the re-designed website on the 3rd of September.

Zoomdeck lets you "Spot" and discover interesting elements inside photos, what are 'Spots'? well, it's actually a rich, interactive, smart and unobtrusive way to add interactivity to photos - so others can easily discover and engage with the photos such as - add notes, audio, video, places, people, links or anything that's relevant. What's more, the conversations on Zoomdeck are based on each "spot" - so they are always contextual. More context equals better engagement.

Having engaging, contextual conversations around each spot you can link spots to video, audio, photo, products, facebook & twitter profiles, maps, wikis or anything relevant. Moreover the service also allows to search like never before by looking up anything inside a photo be it an Armani watch or a Zara trouser, preview and buy products spotted on photos be it Amazon or Etsy. Watch YouTube videos, listen to audio, discover people all within a photo.

Zoomdeck also allows websites & blogs publishers to let their images talk by simply installing the Zoomdeck plugin and start highlight interesting elements in your website/blog images using elegant, interactive spots and which in turn allows engaging photo experience on your blogs. The plugin is yet to be out on day of Zoomdeck public beta release.

iOS - Image Screen - With Spots

Zoomdeck is available on both web and mobile (iOS) and has been in private beta with a closed and highly engaged community. They have contributed over 10000 photos and 30000 spots during this time. Zoomdeck for iOS is opening to the world on the 3rd of September with an active community spread across US, Europe, Australia and India.

The photo service is in private beta and will be launching for a public release on 3rd September, Zoomdeck is one of the 15 startups selected for the GSF Accelerator program's first batch that recently got graduated.

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