How iPhone Is Manufactured - Infographic

Apple reportedly sold 31.2 million iPhones in third quarter of year 2013, but talking about manufacturing of Apple iPhone's and its different parts that it is made of. You must be shocked to hear that among 70 million iPhones sold in year 2011 were not manufactured in US - a home-town country of Apple Inc. but were manufactured & assembled in china and Mongolia where Apple takes important & rare minerals used to make iPhone 5's essential parts such as - circuitry, screen, speakers, and glass.

The infographic prepared by FinanceOnline provide complete story of Apple's manufacturing history and how it is made in different geographical locations across the globe parts-by-parts.

Interestingly, 85% of all iPhone 5 are assembled in China. The reason for outsourcing the manufacturing of parts and assembling of Apple's flagship iPhones is not cheap labour in China or Mongolia but the the 'time', reportedly the chinese workforce make handsets faster than US workforce.

Another interesting story of this fastness factor is that, in year 2007 when Steve Jobs wanted a glass screen for the iPhone a weeks from launching, US suppliers said that the timeline is too short and impossible. On other hand in China, a factory constructed an office-in-residence for its employees even before signing a contract. Further when deal was sealed 8,000 workers were made to work for 12-hours shifts and given biscuit and tea and they brilliantly fitted glass screens into iPhone to produce 10,000 iPhones a day.

A French-Italian company STMicroelectronics is responsible iPhone's Gyroscope that allows iPhone's users to change the display from vertical to horizontal and vice-versa.

Notably Apple is rethinking to bring back the manufacturing units to its home country US, as in most of the iPhone version the chipset & screens used is made by its biggest rival Samsung. Apple's devices use other brands memory chips and processors even till now and even screens for iPad are not of Apple's own production.

How iPhone is made


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