New Delhi based startup TripTern is an intelligent & automatic trip planner that ease you planning of your holiday, vacation or business trips with its engaging social travel website, it automatically prepares your itinerary/guidebook of activities for the traveler’s destination.

Users just have to select city from 32 cities to choose from, choose hotel, number of days of stay, interests and budget and it automatically prepares the most optimal & complete trip guidebook for you. It considers transit time, opening and closing hours of places while preparing itinerary. As of now it provides a list of hotels to choose from that is, you can't choose you own hotel.

TripTern Automate Your Holiday Trip Planning

The user enters a destination city and TripTern prepares a personalised travel itinerary for that destination while taking into account their trip dates, budget, optimal route information, time constraints, and method of transportation. The user is then able to add or remove activities by simply clicking on the ‘remove/add icon’. With each user choice, TripTern learns the user travel preferences and proceeds to provide relevant activities that are more likely to be of interest.

It also allows travelers to archive their most valuable memories and share it with their family and friends. One can also browse their friend's trips as well as it also allow to login via your facebook account.

TripTern Automate Your Holiday Trip Planning

The website does not book tickets or do hotel reservation but its planning do the same in future sometime soon and also on verge of developing a mobile app as well, create a local language glossary and add details about local weather and transportation to enhance personalised trip itineraries.

As of now the website has very limited number of cities/countries to choose from however the website is planing to increase the same gradually, if you are planning for trip in India it has Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai & Kolkata to choose from. TripTern launched publicly in march this year and recently got undisclosed funding from SeedStartup UAE. The company is also planning to launch mobile app.


Rakesh said…
Nice idea..they should try and put more user reviews into their website though.Experience from real users will help travellers a lot
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