A young Mumbai based social entrepreneur has launched an innovative charitable fundraising movement that allows internet users to contribute towards causes without spending a rupee called SmilingStart.com.

In this new unique concept users don't have to pay anything at all, simply set SmilingStart.com as their browser homepage and each day receive a beautiful wallpaper which is actually an advertisement.

The wallpapers are sponsored by various brands which pays money to have its wallpaper displayed on the user homepage. Once user get started supporting SmilingStart.com, the user than need to select one charity program, then after every new wallpaper which says something about any brand will be displayed on daily basis, the brands will than be charged for each day. 75% of the revenue is then donated to the charity selected by the users.

SmilingStart.com - An Innovative Charitable Fundraising Startup

To get started with this concept you don't have to download or install anything on you computer you just need internet connection to get new visually appealing wallpapers. Users can even track their donations over a period of time and see the exact impact they have incurred.

SmilingStart has partnered with three prominent charities – The Akshaya Patra Foundation, K.C Mahindra Education Trust and Pratham. As we write this, 150+ people have already signed up enabling 353 mid day meals for school kids, 190 days of education for under privileged girls and 252 days of shelter for street kids.

The founder-CEO of the business, Tejas Sangoi, says it is their goal to reach 1,00,000 users in Indian alone. He claims, with such an audience size SmilingStart can raise close to Rs 5 crore for its partner charities each year.

SmilingStart is a self funded startup venture of Thalia Technologies Pvt Ltd which is a profit driven organization with an intense social objective. Tejas argues that - "The profit motive encourages efficiency and innovation and the social motive brings satisfaction of contributing to the society. We strive to maximize every cent of investment and minimize expenses incurred in creating and delivering value". The project is funded by his personal savings and family funds.

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