LurnQ is a new online platform developed by Mumbai based Technium Labs, (funded by SeedFund) for education industry and anyone who wants to learn by providing various topics/subjects which can user can 'follow' in a similar fashion as anyone do in social netowrking sites like facebook or twitter where you follow someone's activity/updates.

The e-learning arena is valued at $60 billion and this Mumbai based young startup attempted a appreciable effort in e-learning market where Indian startups seldom give a try and made a really intelligent looking platform with sleek interface that mix learning with social media, it actually improvised the knowledge sharing model by bringing easy-to-use tools and familiar social media features together on one common platform.

LurnQ - A New Socially Styled Learning Platform

LurnQ makes online learning simple and noise free through is 'Learn Feed' and 'Learn App'. For people who wants to teach; the 'Create Lesson' app can take full advantage of the information scattered all over the web, and yet gives reasonable original creative freedom of expression to teach.

LurnQ uses socialization, social content curation, data analytic and gamification to offer its users with contextually relevant content.

LurnQ attempts to change the way people experience education by providing them with access to an intelligent content discovery engine and a social stream that is constantly updated. The ability to create lessons/opinions on any topic
and collaborate with everyone makes information abundant, concise and highly relevant.

Staying technologically and innovatively forward, LurnQ presents these features:

  • Learn feed: A linear stream, integrated with visuals, that presents updates from the lessons, people and topics that the user follows basis their interest.

  • Library: A neatly segregated collection of the user's saved content with 4 main tabs - all, lessons, opinions and resources.

  • Create lessons (Teach): A beautifully designed app that enables teachers to create rich media lessons quickly and efficiently and express their opinions  to help followers or students understand.

  • Explore lessons: Users can search content, save links, explore recommended and authenticated lessons, see what topics are trending and  what’s recent.

  • Read lessons: A clean, defined space, free of clutter, for reading or watching content.

  • Image support: Videos/images can be uploaded as supporting resources for lessons.

  • Search: Unlike internet search engines, this has a proprietary contextual and user relevant “find” semantic that improves productivity and efficiency

It is a learning management solution which can cumulate all the digital learning content from across the web, curate and filter it based on an individual's learning preference.The website offers a teaching app to create lessons on various topics and a learning app to explore lessons along with a library to save them. Lurnq has over 1000 lessons and 5000 registered users.

The Company has also released an interesting infographic where it tells the concept traditional learning and how Lurnq helps with online learning pattern it envisaged for learners as well as teachers.

LurnQ - A New Socially Styled Learning Platform

The company behind LurnQ is founded by DU and IIT alumnus in year 2011 - Tarun Mitra (DU), Ramesh Nidadavolu (IITB) and Devvrat Arya (IITB) LurnQ is product development experience of Ramesh and Devvrat, all IITB tech team. The investment to develop LurnQ was made by Seedfund – an India based investment firm that invests in people and ideas that meets the needs and aspiration of new India.

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