According to BrandFog's CEO, social media and leadership survey 2013 most of the CEOs and top-notch managements are still quite apprehensive towards using social media channels such as Twitter,Facebook etc. The survey has asked around 800 employees of varies size i.e. from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

In opinion of these employees the primary reason of why their CEOs are not present in social media channels are that they are fear of negative feedback and criticism directly from their customers or end-users. Risk involved of being exposed directly to their customers if they create their social media profiles and can even get weird comments.

Surprisingly, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are more cautious than start-ups heads and medium sized companies, one for reason for same could also be that big companies have lot of time constraints and tight schedule comparing to CEOs of startups.

How Much CEOs Engage in Social Media Channels

See full report of BrandFog's CEO, social media and leadership survey 2013.

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