A Bone Conducting Headphone Not for Ears

AfterShokz Sportz M2 is a unique open-ear headphones that doesn't go in to your ears but it actually pass sound through cheek bones, an open-ear headphones with improved street-safety and awareness of surroundings sounds especially for blinds. It is powered by patent pending bone conduction technology which was developed primarily for military use but now its available for consumer use.

These headphones comes with an integrated microphone along with volume controls for making phone calls. In comparison to ear-phones many people will find it to be more comfortable as ear-phones tend to fall out of the ear while doing physical activities such as cycling, jogging, treadmill exercise etc.

For passionate music lover it might not be good option as it music will mix-up with other surrounding sounds and wont give such a great sound quality, nevertheless good option for using with cellphones on streets for being aware of sounds of outside world such as oncoming traffic, car horns etc.

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