TireMonkey.com Teams With RepairPal to Create a One-Stop, Hassle-Free Shop for Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Information

PR Newswire -- July 27, 2010

EDENTON, N.C., July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- TireMonkey.com, committed to providing the highest quality tires at Internet wholesale prices, today announced a partnership with RepairPal, the leading online destination for auto repair and maintenance information, to form a one-stop destination for vehicle service needs. By incorporating access to TireMonkey.com's U.S. network of distribution centers and installers, RepairPal adds an important new offering to its set of resources that help consumers make informed decisions about car care. TireMonkey.com benefits from RepairPal's nearly 2 million monthly visitors, many of whom are in-market tire shoppers.

Under the agreement, RepairPal customers will be able to select "tires" as an option when looking for services for their vehicle, filling a gap in RepairPal's current list of service offerings. Along with generating a price estimate for every tire purchase and installation, consumers will be given seamless access to the TireMonkey network. From RepairPal's site, shoppers may quickly select tires and choose an installation center.

"We view RepairPal as the gold standard for online auto repair and maintenance information, so we're honored to be selected as their online tire eCommerce partner," said Tully Ryan, president and CEO, TireMonkey.com. "Uniting our brands goes beyond a business agreement. Both TireMonkey.com and RepairPal are committed to taking the stress and uncertainty out of owning and caring for a vehicle, and adding a little more fun to the experience"

TireMonkey.com aggregates all of the information and resources consumers need to make an informed tire purchase and installation decision. Through its nationwide network, TireMonkey ensures a hassle-free tire-buying experience. Because TireMonkey's technology sources tires and installers locally, delivery and installation appointments can be made overnight in most cases. With TireMonkey, consumers can feel confident that they are supporting their local economy while getting a great price.

"Trust and transparency are core elements of RepairPal's customer experience, and in TireMonkey we found a partner that shares these values," said David Sturtz, CEO, RepairPal. "Drivers want confidence when they make everyday repair and maintenance decisions about their car. Combining our vehicle-specific and market-specific data with best-in-class partners like TireMonkey.com allows us to remain a highly trusted and convenient resource for them."

About TireMonkey.com

TireMonkey.com is owned and operated by TireWare, Inc., an eCommerce business founded in 2004 to help independent tire and automotive dealers grow and build their businesses through SaaS Point-of-Sale business management solutions. TireMonkey.com harnesses the TireWare technology to connect local tire distributors and associated retail dealers, aggregating "brick and mortar" locations to support the industry's supply chain and give consumers a distinct competitive advantage when comparing tire and installation prices. Our distributors, retailers and customers are all working as a team toward the same goal: a superior online tire buying experience. TireMonkey.com is a proud sponsor of NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Mario Gosselin and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Martin Truex Jr. To learn more, please visit www.TireMonkey.com.

About RepairPal

Award-winning RepairPal is the leading automotive resource delivering free, "instant" RepairPrice Estimates via the Web and its award-winning iPhone application. RepairPal provides the most accurate auto repair and maintenance information available anytime, anywhere, built by its team of factory-trained and ASE-certified technicians. RepairPal's patent-pending technology generates more than 70 billion unique RepairPrice Estimates for almost all passenger vehicles and every zip code in the country. It also has the most comprehensive directory of auto repair facilities in the U.S. and a proprietary database of each model's common problems. RepairPal is an Approved Vendor for the Automotive Service Councils of California (ASCCA) and a Member Benefit for the Automotive Service Association (ASA). It has established partnerships with AAA (Northern California, Nevada & Utah), AOL Autos, CustomerLink, Cars.com, Bosch, AutoNation, and several others. RepairPal is headquartered in Emeryville, CA. For more information, please visit http://repairpal.com or pr@repairpal.com.

Contacts: Kevin Oates Ketchum for TireMonkey.com (310) 584-8331 kevin.oates@ketchum.com

RepairPal: Erica Zeidenberg (800) 969-9204 x5 pr@repairpal.com

SOURCE TireMonkey.com

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