New England's Most Powerful Brands Now Have Their Own Video

Protobrand releases a light-hearted animated video as a follow-up to the results of the Protobrand 25, a national ranking of New England's most powerful brands

PR Newswire -- July 27, 2010

BOSTON, July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Protobrand (, a Boston-based brand development firm, announced today the video release of "ESPN is in the Zone," an animated short of strange and interesting facts about some of the most powerful New England brands.

"Behind every powerful brand is a storied history," says Bob Robbins, Founding Partner of Protobrand. "The Protobrand 25 are no exception. The animated video will definitely teach you a thing or two you didn't know, or even want to know, about some of New England's most powerful brands."

"For example, did you ever wonder how many light bulbs GE sold last year?" asks Phil Granof, Co-Founder of Protobrand. "Well, we wondered how many times you could fill Fenway Park with those light bulbs. It's more than you might think."

The animated video, entitled "ESPN is in the Zone," highlights several of the Protobrand 25, including ESPN, GE, Subway, Fidelity, CVS,, and Timex. "While some of the brands are larger than others, the extent of which they all have an impact on our culture and even our way of life is impressive," says Robbins. "Could anyone have imagined that someday the years of accrued work experience on all resumes would exceed the length of human existence?!"

"Certainly, the power of #1 ranked ESPN lies in the company's keen insights into its target audiences," says Granof. "But once you watch this video, you'll understand the true pervasiveness and power of the ESPN brand, and the reason why we say 'ESPN is in the zone.'"

Protobrand and The Protobrand 25

The Protobrand 25 identifies the 25 Most Powerful New England Brands. This national ranking is the first of its kind, deriving data from 350 top-level marketing professionals from across the country. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Protobrand builds powerful brands through evidence-based insight. For your own copy of the Protobrand 25, please visit

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