Awards Network Launches Complimentary Online Recognition & Incentive Downloadable Samples

Awards Network is now sharing complimentary online resources prepared by its recognition and incentive program experts; From recognition letter and certificate templates to incentive budget worksheets and case studies, Awards Network's new downloadable samples serve as a library of useful resources for organizations with any kind of reward program

PR Newswire -- July 30, 2010

LA PORTE, Ind., July 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Awards Network is announcing the addition of a complimentary online recognition and incentive resource library in which visitors to the Awards Network website can fill out a short form to download complimentary templates, tools and guides to use in reward programs.

Andi Baruffi, Manager of Business Development, explains, "Whether you are a current client, evaluating award program providers or looking to start a do-it-yourself reward program, our goal is to make expertly prepared, complimentary downloadable samples available for anyone to use at any stage of planning or evaluating a reward program."

The Awards Network resource library includes downloadable recognition letter and certificate samples, an incentive program budget worksheet, recognition award presentation tips, poster and flyer templates for reward program communication, a checklist for setting up an award program and recognition, incentive, safety, sales, engagement and wellness program case studies.

Visitors on the Awards Network website can download the samples and easily customize and personalize them for their company and its recipients. The templates are ideal for Human Resource managers who want to maximize the impact of employee recognition and the tools and guides will help them to plan an effective incentive program.

"Our recognition and incentive program experts have prepared excellent resources for organizations to maximize their reward program's return on investment," Baruffi states. "We want to provide downloadable resources to help make recognition and incentive programs everywhere as successful as possible."

Baruffi adds, "Our experts will be continuously adding new samples, templates and guides to our downloadable library. We hope that Human Resources managers and others charged with designing and implementing a recognition award or incentive program will consult our downloadable library and our experts for guidance and advice. Organizations can rely on our experience and expertise without feeling like there's pressure to start a program immediately."

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AboutAwards Network

Awards Network has been producing bottom line impact results for America's finest organizations with employee recognition programs, incentive programs, safety awards and employee engagement solutions for more than 55 years. We have shared our experiences with a wide variety of clients in numerous industries, each with a different challenge and unique goal. Awards Network will help design, implement and maintain an award program built to engage, improve performance and achieve any organization's goals. Featuring name brand merchandise and travel selections, Awards Network lets the recipient select the gift of their choice.

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