Abizark.com Releases Low-Priced Bags to Promote Bagsok

PR Newswire -- July 27, 2010

NEW YORK, July 27 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Abizark.com released a series of low-priced bags at its online store bagsok.com on July 26th, with the purpose of publicizing its brand and increasing its sales volume. It is a great promotion for Bagsok.

Presently, people are saving money in order to live a better life. Therefore, most people are beginning to plan their budgets. Some savvy marketers have realized the mighty affects of this trend. Those who intend to make an achievement with their business have to learn about some powerful marketing strategies in the saving season. If only they can persuade the customers, then they can benefit from the sales.

Operated by BizArk Service Ltd., http://www.bagsok.com is an online bag store which provides various kinds of fashion bags, leisure handbags, business bags, and many other styles of handbags. Currently, it has launched 15 styles of picked handbags, which are regarded as glamorous and inexpensive as well. In this way, Bagsok aims to increase its sales in spite of a tight budget.

Kevin Ellison, the marketing manager of http://www.bagsok.com , has done thorough research on the economy prospect and the shopping customs of people. Referring to the result of his research, Kevin Ellison stated, "It's true that people are less crazy about shopping as usual. However, I believe we can make an achievement in sales. With a well-prepared plan and efficient strategy, Bagsok can show our high-quality products and first-rate service to all the customers."

Kevin has a lot of confidence in the performance of Bagsok; however, will it be beneficial for Abizark.com to promote Bagsok by releasing low-priced bags? Some people doubt that the keen price can be attractive sometimes.

"People always focus on the price of goods; they are not willing to pay too much for a regular product. Thus, we released the handbags with a killer low price to encourage consumption. Meanwhile, I regard it as a chance to promote our brand. When people purchase our handbags, they will find them of high quality. Having met their satisfaction, http://www.bagsok.com will succeed in branding finally," said Denny Hampton, the marketing director.

As to the response from Denny, Abizark.com has a very promising prospect. Maybe the launch of these handbags is really a marvellous chance for Abizark.com to promote itself and Bagsok! Just wait to find the answer.

About Bagsok.com

Bagsok.com is an online bags store devoted to Fast Fashion concepts in the bag market by providing continuously updated quality classic and trendy handbags, luggage, business bags, etc. The extremely low prices of $9.90 let customers enjoy value added products. http://www.bagsok.com is one of the online stores operated by BizArk.

About BizArk Service Ltd.

BizArk is an international trading company that provides all-in-one E-commerce solutions & services for online stores, specializing in website construction, network marketing, website monitoring & security as well as support service. http://www.abizark.com/index.html .

For more information, please contact:

Shirley Julie Tel: +1-718-880-7850 Email: service@bagsok.com Or through Live Chat on http://www.bagsok.com/

SOURCE BizArk Service Ltd.

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