A twitter app to discover people relevant to your likes

While browsing the web whenever you visit any site and if you liked the person or the site and wish to follow them on twitter then we are redirected on the twitter where we could easily hit the follow button. There is an easier alternative in this regard which is brought up by a recently launched web-app. The idea on which this web-app is based on is awesome and revolutionary. is a web-app that lets you find and discover relevant people who have similar interests as of yours by just browsing a directory at You can easily discover people you really want to follow.

To get started with Twiup, all you need to do is just login in your twitter account using Oauth method and allow access to the application. Moreover, to find people of your likes you just need enter few tags or keywords that suits to your interest the best and rest is done by twiup, it will perform the time consuming search for you and then allow you to take actions and select people you would like to follow. This web-app also allows you to find the most influential people in the respective field you are looking for on the basis of what people have voted. A twitter app to discover people relevant to your likes

As everything has its pros and cons so this web-app also has. I have already pointed out the pros. The cons are that, this web-service is not free and according to me $8 per month is bit high for this service. The directory it filters out as per your tags is not up to the mark as it doesn’t shows the most influential people, at least for now, obviously it may show up when the all the people will join it.

However, the idea behind the service is good and can do better in future, if implemented in a planned way.

What do you think about this web-app? Try discovering relevant people on your topic with this app and check whether you end it right or not?


@twiup said…

Thank you very much for the review.

I’m doing my best to implement the idea of the directory by votes and will soon be able to release an update with nice filtering options.

As for the price point, it has been lowered after feedbacks.

Have a nice day!

WillKatt said…
By far not all people will join if this is a paid service. And pay for what? Aggregating statistics on who mentions my search tags most? Please, when such a service has been a paid one? Most regular users will need this only once or twice anyway and for others it only takes to watching a couple of tags on a daily basis for 5-10 mins to decide manually who is most relevant.

I'm not even talking about FREE twitter apps who make it easy to constantly monitor the searches so deciding who's relevant is not that difficult. And regular folks will not even look for anything new once they reach a certain treshold of time twitter takes them to read ones they already follow, much less pay for such a service on a monthly basis. Then usually Twtter connections for regular folks take care of themselves because once you connect with people on some theme they will retweet someone else relevant on this theme and thus your topics of interest will be taken care of pretty well by the word of mouth.

May be some heavy promoters will find this worth of payment, but then again, who cares for them? When people follow me not to read me, but to advertise themselves, it won't bring them much success, they actually piss off the entire twitterverse. Well, may be this service will help them to make better choices =))

As for me, thanks, but no, thanks.
Jay Philips said…
Why would there be a charge for this service? There's so many other services that are free that do so much more. Check out for 50+ Sites to Help You Search for Tweets, Trends and More.
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