Paypal to Resume Bank Withdrawals in India from 3rd MarchIn a recent update from Paypal it will resume the much anticipated Indian bank withdrawals for plenty of businesses who uses Paypal for their services and goods from 3rd March'10 onwards. Noticeably Reserver Bank of India (RBI) has allowed Paypal to continue local bank withdrawals after Paypal made changes on how to move money to India as per Indian regulations for foreign inward remittance.

Apparently on March 1st will get the needful instructions from Indian regulatory bodies and most probably from March 3rd 2010 Paypal India users can withdraw their money to their Indian bank accounts. However as part of the changes Paypal will ask to fill out a new field entitled 'Export Code' whenever you request a withdrawal to your bank accounts, which will identify the nature of cross-border merchant transactions to Indian banks.

Also, Paypal reports that after making all these changes into their system, PayPal will set to be more powerful engine for exporters in India. With purpose codes for export transactions and FIRCs (Foreign Inward Remittance Certificates), one will also get the export related benefits.


Harsh Agrawal said…
This news come as a morning surprise for me...I thought it started from today but after reading Blog post on paypal blog, realize they are expecting it to start from 3rd .. Lets wait and watch
Heeeren said…
now how to get those export codes ?? do they change ecery transaction or its kind of license or id ??
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