The Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI) in Delhi and US-based chip-designer NVIDIA Corp have tied up to announce the new CEERI- NVIDIA Centre of Excellence (CNCoE). This is a research lab that will house high-throughput AI computing infrastructure.

The CEERI-NVIDIA Centre of Excellence (CNCoE) will be powered by a five-petaflop AI supercomputer, India’s first industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI) supercomputer, at CEERI’s New Delhi campus, Nvidia said in a statement.

The computing systems will be open for CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) to use, as well as public and private organizations and industries across the country, to conduct research and development.

The upcoming centre housing NVIDIA DGX-1 supercomputers that will provide a unique platform for developing AI systems to solve some of the critical problems in healthcare, natural resource management, food production, security and transportation by exploiting multi-dimensional knowledge base available with CSIR and other research organisations in the country.

Vishal Dhupar, NVIDIA India MD, signing a MoU Prof. Santanu Choudhury, Director CSIR-CEERI | Image NVIDIA@facebook

CSIR employs over 4,000+ active scientists in various fields, whom the partnership believes will benefit greatly from CNCoE. Using the advanced systems, they could develop innovational new AI systems for everything from oceanography, drug design, and genomics, to nanotechnology, aeronautics, and agriculture.

Speaking on this development, Vishal Dhupar, Managing Director, Nvidia South Asia said,”This CNCoE is significant because it brings together Nvidia’s cutting-edge AI platform with vast industrial scientific research expertise and capability from CSIR-CEERI.”

Santanu Chaudhury, Director of CSIR-CEERI, said, “The industry can use this facility to develop AI-based products supporting the Make in India initiative of the government, This CNCoE has the potential to usher in a culture of AI based innovations in a variety of application domains.”

Speaking about supercomputers, recently the US unveiled the world’s most powerful supercomputer, last month, called as ‘Summit’. With 200 petaflops, it too has has AI capabilities making it the first supercomputer designed from the ground up to handle machine learning, neural networks, and other AI applications.

NVIDIA first launched its supercomputer in India in India in 2008 but that was “personal supercomputer” called Tesla, which deliver 250 times higher performance than a standard PC workstation. The price of NVIDIA Tesla is approx. Rs. 1,75,000 in Indian market.

Source – India Times

Top Featured Image – TechARP.com

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