India and Japan will team up to launch robotics and artificial intelligence in the defense segment, the next phase of tactical collaboration between the two associates of Asia. A close consultant to Japanese PM Shinzo Abe and state minister for foreign affairs in Japan, Kentaro Sonoura, claimed to the...
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Making her first appearance in India, ‘Sophia’, the world's first robot citizen of any country, graced the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay’s (IIT-B) annual Techfest with her presence on Saturday.Wearing a Sari, she greeted the audience with a Namaste and spoke about future of humans and machines.
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Sophia, a humanoid and the first robot in the world to ever be granted citizenship, recently ( and quite amusingly) shared some thoughts about the future, her ambitions and her desire to even have a baby and start a family.Sophia, in its first media interview to
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In what could be considered as a perfect example of the greatness that can be achieved if both India and China come together and join hands more often, Bengaluru-based robotics start-up Invento Robotics has collaborated with manufacturing hubs in China to give birth to an intelligent robot called
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A smart bunch of students from Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT), Pune have developed 'Chintu' -- A Robot Companion powered by IBM Watson Technology.Chintu, the cognitive assistant robot is designed to assist the senior citizens in conducting everyday tasks such as reading the newspaper/book, provide mood based entertainment services...
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Writing is an art which very few human beings possess. But, this art might soon be available to all, courtesy robots with artificial intelligence and smart writing skills. While a lot of these AI tools are already in the market, some of them are still in the development stages...
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While we wait to see what the year 2017 has in store for robot aficionados, we at IndianWeb2 decided to give our readers a quick recap of what all happened in the World of Robot last year.The Avatar Robot Became A RealityThe 13-foot
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Haven't we all wondered at one point of time, how if robots delivered our food, the food would get to us faster and hotter? Well, your dream might actually come true sooner than that you would have thought. There are bright chances that by the end of this year...
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The next time you visit your bank (which might be happening quite often nowadays courtesy the Modi government's surprise demonetisation drive) be ready to greet a not so familiar face among the bank regulars. Kumbakonam-based City Union Bank recently debuted Lakshmi, India's very first banking robot.It took more...
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There's a good chance that the next time you enter your bank, instead of a human banker greeting you, you have Software Robotics deployed at your service.One of the most trusted banks of the country, ICICI Bank, recently announced about its plans to deploy Software Robotics technology in...