Bangalore based Jonna Venkata Karthik Raja the 18 year old Founder of Paperboy is ecstatic as his 15 months of toil has finally come to fruition. Paperboy is a mobile app that features the widest range of Indian newspapers and magazines that is uploaded on real...
Artificial Intelligence Will Not Eliminate Jobs in Asia: MIT Review
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While people all around the world are counting days to when they will lose their job to automation, a recent report in MIT Review has a different point of view to offer. According to the report, when it comes to Asia, AI will not results in any job cuts...
Facebook, Amazon and Google Are Bigger Threat To Banks Than Fintech Startups, Says WEF
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A recent World Economic Forum (WEF) report has taken everyone in the financial services sector by surprise. According to the report, 'Beyond Fintech: A Pragmatic Assessment of Disruptive Potential in Financial Services', as against the common belief that the Fintech sector is going to be the endgame...
Kindle To Replace School Textbooks
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Since digitisation is gaining pace in India like never before, how could education, which is considered as one of the most crucial aspects of human life remain untouched by it?In what could be seen as an encouraging step forward for country's younger generation, the Karnataka government is considering...
India, China and US Are Far Ahead With Anyone Else In AI and Robot Revolution
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In what could be considered as a moment of immense pride for the Indian subcontinent, a top tech industry executive has said that when it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) the country is in the same league as United States and China.In a recent interview to
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To Strengthen its logistic network, Paytm’s e-commerce arm, Paytm Mall is eyeing to invest $35 million in technology and infrastructure. Not only this, according to ET reports, the firm further plans to shorten its delivery timelines. Paytm Mall plans...
The World's Top AI Companies are Pleading For A Ban on Killer Robots
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It's happening and it's happening sooner than anyone of us would have ever predicted. The era of killer robots taking frontier in battlefields is looming upon mankind and this has got many people in the tech world extremely worried. In order to get their concern across people who have...
Demand ​F​or ​AI, ​M​achine ​L​earning ​E​xperts ​T​o ​R​ise 60% ​B​y ​Next Year
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Figuring out ways to remain relevant in today's depressing job market in the Indian subcontinent? You might want to give artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning a try. According to recent findings by KellyOCG India, a talent management solutions provider, the demand for AI and machine learning specialists in...
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We are back with our weekly recap. Here are the 10 startup biz news which becomes the talk of the town this week. Cambridge Innovations Makes Partial Exit from Roadzen The Cambridge Innovations, the investment arm of Cambridge Technology Enterprises (CITE) has partially exited
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The investment arm of Cambridge Technology Enterprises (CITE), Cambridge Innovations has announced partially exiting from an early stage investment in Roadzen, an insurance technology firm, with a realization of $2,50,000, reports CI website