StartupEd™, founded by Ankit Buti in 2015, is an entrepreneurship launchpad that equips and empowers entrepreneurs around the world. The organization’s aim is to democratize the accessibility to Incubation services whilst fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Right at the onset of the pandemic, StartupEd™ pivoted successfully from a service company to a SaaS-based product Company. Today, StartupEd™ - Incubation Cloud™, is a platform for every player in the startup ecosystem, to grow and build at a network scale through the power of its bleeding edge proprietary cloud technology.

The Purpose – Educate, Empower and Equip entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and technology for venture support.

The Vision - Creating global interconnectedness in the startup ecosystem to accelerate collaboration and service disbursal for relevant stakeholders in the startup ecosystem.

Incubation Cloud™ aims to revolutionize startup building and Incubation service disbursal through its model, NETWORK-LEARN-BUILD, which is an innovation of the company's founder, Mr. Ankit Buti. Hence, StartupEd™ - Incubation Cloud™, a marketplace NETWORK for founders & budding entrepreneurs to LEARN and unlock support to BUILD their business through the smart apps enabling joint venture development hosted on the platform.

StartupEd™ also extends direct support to early-stage businesses through its Incubator portfolio. In the past few months, the company has launched several Incubation programs for startups focusing on Marketplaces, Networks, PropertyTech, EdTech, FinTech with a keen interest in ventures exploring Web 3.0 technology.

Ankit Buti
Ankit Buti

Speaking on the role of incubators in a startup ecosystem, Ankit said -
Startup incubators come in various shapes and sizes in different ecosystems around the world. Specifically for India, we need more incubators to support non-tech startups as the ideas and business development processes per domain are very unique. The country needs to invest in developing specialized incubators to help startups working in agriculture, solving civil problems, etc.
The organization also looks forward to hosting events like Hackathons, Podcasts, Webinars, and Business Competitions to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship by capitalizing on its vast network of Startup Mentors, Coaches, Incubators, Startups and founders. As an Incubation Partner, StartupEd™ has always delivered on the promise of a spectacular experience for the participants as well as its partner institutions.

1. ‘Karobaar’ 2020, with the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering, IIT Kanpur. The event witnessed participation from 1200+ teams, working on 100+ Business Ideas across the country

2. ‘Techstars Startup Weekend’ powered by Google for Startups, organized by the Entrepreneurship Cell of Delhi Technological University

3. ‘Abhyuday’, an ongoing Business Plan Competition with IIT Bombay for budding entrepreneurs in India- Hosted on Incubation Cloud.

StartupEd™ Team
StartupEd™ Team

The team at StartupEd™ is always striving to exceed market expectations and bring out the best for its audience. Explore their solution offerings at and unlock support in turning your ideas into reality.

Speaking about his future plans for StartupEd™ , Ankit says, "We're working on building suggestive AI on top of its business modeling tools to help entrepreneurs improve their business plans while working on its incubation platform and help startups fundraise more efficiently."

"StartupEd is also betting heavily on Web3.0 where they are building and partnering with teams to build on-chain solutions to help founders package and monetize their ideas as Non Fungible Tokens," he added.

Ankit is also preparing a strategy for India market. For India, StartupEd™ is aiming for "Go To Market" with a LEARN bundle offering for the student entrepreneurs focusing on entrepreneurship education to introduce students to startups and entrepreneurship as a viable career path.

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