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People are very familiar with regular casinos – places where they can go and gamble for entertainment with various games lined up for the purpose. In recent years however, the internet has brought a new twist. Online casinos have emerged and are using technological innovations to gain increasing popularity over and above their land-based counterparts. A good example of this is certainly purecasino.

The online gaming industry is continuously growing and expanding. In order to attract gamers, it is consistently adopting technological innovations that offer a more engaging and immersive gaming experience. This has allowed users to enjoy the excitement of playing in casinos in a virtual world. And the results are truly amazing, even though they are in an experimental phase.

1. VR & AR

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), for example, are popularly used to enhance users’ gaming experience. While still new to the online casino game industry, AR will allow apps to teleport the elements of a brick and mortar casino to the gamer’s location. 

The prospects are exciting. This means users will actually see dealers in their proximity. They will be able to see live tables, roulettes, cards and even players located remotely. 

VR in games is very much a reality today. All you need to do is put on a VR headset. Virtual Reality will create a realistic environment of a live brick and mortar casino that will not just allow you to actually see the elements of real casino but also interact with them.

There are some challenges though. Implementing AR and VR in online casino games would require higher and experience hardware to process imagery superimposition. Further, the high costs of accessories would mean additional burden on users. So, it might be a few more years before this technology is adopted popularly.

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Apart from AR & VR, there are also big companies like Microgaming entering the Wearable market too. With a team of skilled programmers, they are designing games exclusively for smartwatches

2. Multiple Payment Options

Technology has also transformed gamers to transact directly in online casinos. While payment by debit cards and credit cards are still quite popular, gamers can now pay using cryptocurrency as well. This is beneficial for players as well since this attracts little to no transaction fee. 

E-wallets have further added convenience and allowed players to store their money in a secure environment.

3. Easy Integration

As a matter of fact, the objective of an online casino is not to rely heavily on graphics. Gambling is driven primarily by the prospects of winning real money. That said, a lot has changed since they first made an appearance. 

Game developers are now trying to create an interface that is both attractive and interactive. Simulating a real casino environment has become easier than before. There are thousands of solutions online that allow you to integrate their services using APIs, making it possible for game and app developers to test them and create a realistic casino environment.

4. Gamification

Online casinos are also using gamification to consistently engage players. They use reward points, tiered access to premium rewards or jackpot, and quick payouts to motivate players and keep them coming frequently.

5. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics have further made it possible for online casinos to make personalised recommendations to gamers on the basis of their playing history and behavior on the website. Using this, it becomes possible to target players and send promotional offers as well as deals that stand a higher chance of converting.

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